The APPG on Responsible Tax is a new All-Party Parliamentary group, established on 14th September 2015.

The group’s statement of purpose is:

How can Parliament help to build and maintain the fair, sustainable and transparent tax system that is needed if individuals, businesses and markets are to create growth and prosperity both in the UK and internationally?

In recent years the issue of who pays tax and how much they pay has resonated strongly with the public mood. Parliament has a key role in bringing stakeholders of all kinds together in order to create a fair and transparent tax system which works for everyone.

This group will provide a regular forum for Parliamentarians and a range of other stakeholders to contribute to the ongoing debate on responsible tax. We want to facilitate an open dialogue between Parliamentarians and representatives from large and small businesses, industry groups, NGOs and campaigning groups, academia, and other taxpayers, to work towards a shared understanding of what responsible tax behaviour entails and how it can be encouraged.

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