Our Work

The Chair and Officers of the APPG on Responsible Tax determine the workstreams and activities of the group.

The following areas of interest have been agreed:

The impact of Brexit on the UK tax system (see coverage here and here)

Uber and the ‘gig economy’ (Background Report, and see coverage here and here)

Transparency in the UK tax system

  • Public registers of beneficial ownership in the Overseas Territories and crown dependencies (see here and here)
  • Public registers of beneficial ownership for property (our response to public consultation)
  • Public country-by-country reporting (see here)

Trust in HMRC (see here)

Tax as a competitive tool

Previous work

An examination of the OECD’S BEPS recommendations to the G20: Public consultation followed by the report: A more responsible global tax
system or a ‘sticking plaster’?. 
You can read coverage of this work here: Tax Analysts, Tax Analysts 2, Tax Analysts 3