What is a digital APPG?

The APPG on Responsible Tax is the first digital APPG.

We are committed to an open and responsible discussion around responsible tax. Distinctive and different views on the subject are inevitable, but we hope to encourage ongoing dialogue between stakeholders who would not usually engage with each other.

To facilitate transparent collaboration with the work of the APPG, we have established ourselves as the first digital APPG. Our use of digital tools will enable direct and transparent contributions of evidence and commentary from experts, key stakeholders and the wider public.

Members of the public will be able to observe, in real-time, the development of our work and the contributions from others. Our consultation papers and publications will directly attribute the ideas, evidence and contributors throughout the process.


Collaborative pages


Submit responses to the public consultationAn examination of the OECD’S BEPS recommendations to the G20, on this page. These will be published in real time on the site (following initial validation by the administrators).


If you would like to know more about the Digital APPG or need assistance participating, email appgresponsibletax@covi.org.uk.